• Song:

    David's Song (psalm 139)

  • Artist:

    Levi Fuson

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G               D/F#   Em7 
Where can I go that you are not close behind 
D/F#  G          D/F#         Em7     D/F# 
       Just a shadow of your presence 
G   D/F#         Em7   D/F# 
Oh Lord you know me 
G                  D/F#    Em7  D/F# 
Better than I know myself 
G       D/F#         Em7 
If I go up to the mountains, you are there 
Am7      G               D/F#           Em7 
If I make my bed in the bottom of the sea 
G               D/F#      Em7 
Surely the nighttime, it will hide me 
Am7             G  D/F#     Em7 
(But) you are light and you see 
         G   D     C2 
     And I praise you for everything 
            D        G2/B            C2 
     'Cause you know when I sit and when I rise 
           G D              C2 
     And I praise your name forever 
           G2/B                      C2 
    'Cause you, you are the King on high 
           G  D             C2 
     And I love you more than anything 
            D     G2/B            C2 
     'Cause you won't let me run away 
           G  D             C2 
     And I love you no matter where I am 
              G2/B              C2 
     'Cause daddy you are here to stay  

Em7          D/F#       G   Am7 
You put your hand on my head 
Em7        D/F#      G 
You have kissed my cheek 
Em      D/F#                G 
I'm holding still in your presence 
Em          D/F#         G 
Resting my head on your chest
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