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    Cant Stand Me Now

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Tuning: Standard

Strumming patterns not the easiest to explain if you listen to acoustic versions of the 
song it may help.

Intro E5 A5 C#5 B5 A5 B5

Verse 1

An ending fitting for the start
You twist and tore our love apart
C#m(strum )            B5
Your light fingers through the dark
A5                      B5
Shattered the lamp into darkness they cast us
No, you've got it all wrong way round
     A5                            C#m(strum )
You shot me up, and blamed it on the brown
Cornered the boy kicked out to the world
     A5                   B5
The World kicked back, a lot fuckin' harder now.

Pre Chorus

If You wanna try, If you wanna try
C#5                                 E5
Theres no worse you could do, uh oh oh
I know you lie, i know you lie
But I'm still in love with you
      B5                          A5
uh oh oh can't take me anywhere, I take you anywhere
B5                           A5
You can't take me anywhere, I can take you anywhere
F#5                            B5
Oh I'll take you anywhere that you wanna go


E5                                                   A5
Oh, you can't stand me now, (no, you can't stand me now)
A5                                                E5
You can't stand me now, (Oh, you can't stand me now)
A5                                               A5
You can't stand me now, (No, you can't stand me now)
No you can't stand me now.

Verse 2

E5                                A5
Have we done enough to keep it together?
C#5                B5
Or do we just keep on pretending
A5                     B5
And hope our luck is never ending, no.
E5                                                  A5
You tried to pull the wool, I wasn't feeling too clever
        C#5      B5
And you take all that you lending
 Until you needed mending, no.

Pre-chorus 2 (same as before)

Chorus 2 (same as before)
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