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    All In Acoustic

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Tuning: Eb (drop D)

Intro verse CHORDS:

     G     D     A   Bm 
eb | ---------------------------------------------------------------------- | 
Bb | ---------------------------------------------------------------------- | 
Gb | ---4----11-----6---7-------------------------------------------------- | 
Db | ---0-----0-----0---0-------------------------------------------------- | 
Ab | ---x-----x-----x---x-------------------------------------------------- | 
Db | ---5----12-----7---(b9)------------------------------------------------- | 

CHORUS Chords are same as above except JASON plays most of them in the regular position.
(Or just play them the same as in the verse, it sounds a lot better)
       D  G     Bm   A/C#
eb | ----0--------2--------------------------------------------------------- | 
Bb | ----3--------3----2---------------------------------------------------- | 
Gb | ----2--4-----4----2---------------------------------------------------- | 
Db | -------0-----4----2---------------------------------------------------- | 
Ab | -------x-----2----4---------------------------------------------------- | 
Db | -------5--------------------------------------------------------------- | 

D                                 G                        
All night staring at the ceiling counting the minutes I've been feeling
Bm          A                G
this way so far away and so alone 

                  D                           G   
But you know it's alright I came to my senses Let go of my defenses,
Bm          A                     G
there's no way I'm giving up this time 
                     Bm        A                 G 
Yeah, you know I'm right here I'm not losing you this time 


        D                                G
And I'm all in, nothing left to hide I'm falling harder than a landslide 
Bm          A/C#                      G
I spent a week away from you last night 
            D                              G                        Bm    
And now I'm calling, calling out your name even if I lose the game, I'm all in 

A            G                       Bm    G         G
I'm all in tonight, yeah I'm all in, I'm all, in for life 

D    G

D                                         G                            
There's no taking back what we've got is too strong, 
we've had each other's back for too long 
A                          G
There's no breaking up this time 

                     D                      G   
And you know it's okay, I came to my senses letting go of my defenses 
Bm         A                        G
There's no way I'm giving up this time
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