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Capo 1

Csus2, C, Csus2, F, Am, Csus2, C

Csus2                 C
 I feel a filth in my bones
 Wash off my hands till it's gone
 Your walls they're closing in
G                        Csus2, C
 With velvet curtains
Csus2                       C
 Some love was made for the lights
 Some kiss your cheek and goodnight
 Lift up a red high heel
G                               Csus2, C
 Lock up your doors with steel
Csus2                      C
 You're making noise in my street
 My blinds are drawn, I can't see
 Smashed in my car window
G                          Csus2, C  
 Didn't touch the stereo

F       Am
Slow it down
        G            C
And you come back to bed
F         Am       G         Csus2, C 
Rest your arms and rest your legs

Csus2, C

Csus2                        C
 Act like you've been here before
 Smile less and dress up some more
 Tie up your scarf real tight
G                                      Csus2, C
 These boys are out for blood tonight


Csus2, C
F, Am,
F, Am

Csus2                         C
 And when she stood she stood tall
 She'll make a fool of you all
 Don't ask for cigarettes
G                                    Csus2, C
 She ain't got nothing left for you
Csus2                                C
 I never, she never, we never looked back
 That wasn't what we were good at
 And when it came to love
G                               Csus2, C
 We were not good enough for it

F         Am                G            C
Don't you frown when you're feeling like that
F    Am                G      C
Only love can pick you out of this
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