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This is a beautiful song to play.  
I recommend using barre chords to make it sound fuller.  
Listen to the CD to hear the timing of the song.

(Hook)  Ebm                    Bbm7         Abm7    F#  Bbm7     
        Don't you remember you told me you love me baby,
      Ebm                       Bbm7      Abm7 F#       Bbm7
      You said you'll be coming back this way again baby,
      Ebm       Bbm7 Abm7       F#     Abm      Bbm 
      Baby,baby,baby baby oohhh baby,I love you,I really do.

       Ebm    C#             B       Bbm7    
Verse:Long ago..and so very far away,

           Abm7              F#           Ab         Bb     
      I fell in love with you..before the second show,

           Ebm       C#                 B               Bbm7     
      And your guitar..and you sound so sweet and clear,

                 Abm7           F#              Ab    Bb       
      But you're not really here..it's just the radio,

      (Repeat hook)

   verse#2 (Follows same chord progression as verse#1)

           Lonliness....is such a sad affair,a sad,a sad affair...and I
           Can't hardly wait....to be with you again.....
           And what to say,what to say......to make you come again,oh honey,
           Come on back to me again.....I wanna be,I wanna be, anywhere you
           are,oohh baby.(Repeat hook).

          The ad lib pattern at the end of the song is
          Ebm,C#,C#,Ebm.   ENJOY!!!!!!!
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