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Title: My Baby Don?t Tolerate
Artist: Lyle Lovett

A friend of mine, he said to me, a skinny girl is a misery

I shook my head because I knew he couldn?t be right 
                                                 Bb        C
That?s when I thought back to just last night
When I got home, it was maybe a little late 
There was nary a crumb on nary a plate
There was no martini, no glass or grape
                                     Bb       C
It was then I sought to contemplate

           G                               Bb   C
Some things my baby don?t tolerate, no 
G                      Bb   C
My baby don?t tolerate, no 
G                      Bb  C            G
My baby don?t tolerate from me

I said hello honey, how have you been
She said what could you possibly be doing until half past ten
And not being completely insensitive I could tell my ship had run aground
Cause when I puckered up she puckered down



Now a small more ordinary man might not appreciate the guidance of a good woman that truly loves him
He might drift in despair during the ignorant, dumb misdoings of his dirty daily existence 
But that?s not me nosiree
I?m proof that true love will set you free


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