• Song:

    Gifted Hands

  • Artist:

    Lynyrd Skynyrd

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Tuning: standard

this is the intro:
e | --0------0------0---------------3-- | 
B | ----3-0----3------3-1-1p0-1p0---3-- | 
G | -------------2p---------------0-0-- | 
D | --------------------------------0-- |  X2
A | --------------------------------2-- | 
E | --------------------------------3-- | 

--the verse goes something like this:

I remember the day that he came in. 
I can't believe how long its been
       C5                 G5
like a poet, he began to play.
Just an old friend that hung with the band 
A drinkin' man he had no plan
        C5                             G5
but he played the 'bird, played it for free


         G5                     D5
'Cause I know he's here, he's everywhere
C5                                  G5
Take a look around oh and you will see
      G5                  D5
That cross we bear, it's in the air
C5                                  G5
Lord we thank you for those gifted hands

--little breakdown: ether play the intro through once or play (G D C) chords once.


There are demons we live with everyday

That tear at our hearts, and take us away

to another place, some of us don't get back

This song is for the hands of the workin' man

Who believes in himself and he understands

Love, hope, and faith are The Maker's plan

--back to the chorus--

C5                           A5
One day we'll all take that ride
C5                                        D5
And with those gifted hands I know you'll fly.

G-- D-- C-- X2

throughout the solo to the end the chords change to:

F-- C-- G--

and finally the end repeats the intro once with a tempo change in the pull offs!

hope this helps, enjoy!
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