• Song:

    Whiskey Rock N' Roller

  • Artist:

    Lynyrd Skynyrd

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Tom: D

    D                    C               G              D
    I'm headin' down the highway, got my suitcase by my side.
                       C                   G            D
    Blue skies hangin' over my head, I got 500 miles to ride.
    G                 D            G                     D
    I'm goin' down to Memphis town, to play a late night show.
    G                     D                       F        G        D
    I hope the people are ready there, 'cause the boys are ready to go.

         G             D             G              D
    Well I'm a whiskey rock n roller, that's what I am.
    G                   D                         F     G    D
    Women, whiskey, and miles-a-travelin', that's all I understand.

        D            C                     G                D
    Yes I was born a travelin' man, and my feet still party around.
                     C                  G                    D
    I don't care for fancy music, if my shoes can't shuffle around.
    G               D             G                            D
    I got a hundred women or more, and there's no place I call home.
    G                 D             F        G      D
    The only time I'm satisfied, is when I'm on the road.


    G           D       G              D
    Sometimes I wonder, where would we go?
    G              D             F           G        D
    Lord don't you take away my, whiskey and rock and roll.

      D               C                 G              D
    A-take me down to Memphis town, bus driver take me there.
               C                G                D
    I got me a queenie, she got long brown curly hair.
    G                  D           G                 D
    She likes to drink up and down, and her shoes do shuffle around.
    G                D                       F        G      D
    And every time I see that girl, lord she wants to lay me down.


    D  C  G  F  D......
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