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Tom:  C9

Intro: C9../C9../ Am../ *G*../
*as for the intro and the verses all chords 
 are plucked as follows
  | ---------------0----------- |  | 
  | ---------0--------0-------- |  | 
  | ------0--------------0----- |  | 
  | --------------------------- |  | 
  | --0--------0--------------- |  | 
  | --------------------------- |  | 
* "G's" are played as *0*
  | --------------0------------ |  | 
  | ---------0----------------- |  | 
  | ------0-------------------- |  | 
  | --------------------------- |  | 
  | --0------------------------ |  | 
  | --------------0------------ |  | 
 C9                   C9../
 I lie awake at night
 Am                         Am../
 See things in black and white
 F                     G
 I've only got you inside my mind
 Dm                  *G*
 You know you have made me blind

 C9                  C9../
 I lie awake and pray
 Am                    Am../
 That you will look my way
 F                    G 
 I have all this longing inside my heart
 Dm                         *G* G*
 I knew it right from the start

 *play half of the *G* 

  -listen to the cd 

        C9                  G
 Oh my pretty pretty boy I love you
 Like I never ever loved no one before you
    F                 C
 Pretty pretty boy of mine
                  Dm        G
 Just tell me you love me too
 Oh my pretty pretty boy
 I need you
        Am               Am7/G
 Oh my pretty pretty boy I do
 Let me inside
  Am7        Dm    G../       
 Make me stay right beside you

 C9                  C9../
 I used to write your name
 Am                Am../
 And put it in a frame
 F                           G
 And sometime I think I hear you call
 Dm                  *G*
 Right from my bedroom wall

 C9               C9../
 You stay a little while

 Am                     Am../
 And touch me with your smile
 F                        G
 And what can I say to make you mine
 Dm                    *G* G*
 To reach out for you in time

  *for the bridge i have my own version
   of it but it doesnt sound as good as
   marit's... well im still tryin to fix it.
 Oh pretty boy
 Say you love me too
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