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Tom: A5
A5                        G5       D5
Standing in the rain             ?.Yeah????.

      A5                          G5                         D5           A5     
       Sitting on the bus, Looking through the window and I close my eyes
      G5                              D5                  C5
       See the shade of your smiling face, your smiling face
                    D5                                     C5
        When you walk in through the door, a smiling face 
        Like I never seen before
  A5        C5    G5       D5
  Aahhhhh, Aahhhhh  (Standing in the rain)
  A5       C5      G5     D5
  Aahhhhh, Aahhhh

Verse 2:
      A5                     G5                     D5                     A5
        Standing in the rain, nearly washed the day away, then I think of you
      G5                        D5                            C5                       
       I know the sigh of your smiling face, your smiling face
                  D5                           C5
        And it?s always here with me, smiling face
       Well I wonder, could it be?

        G5       D5           A5              G5
        I still know that I never gonna find you
        G5                    G5            D5         C5
        But I do believe that you?re standing right behind
        G5        G5              D5                C5 
        Will I ever get the answer to my question
        F#5             G5     D5
        Life will go on
      Dodo?.Dodo??Dodo?? Dodo ?. Dodo??

      Verse 3:
      A5                 G5                            D5           A5     
       Lying on my bed, staring at the ceiling then I close my eyes again
      G5                   D5                        C5
       The only things that clear to me is your smiling face
                       D5                   C5
       May be I should wake again, smiling face
        May be I should let it end            
      Chorus  X2

      Dodo?.Dodo??Dodo?? Dodo ?. Dodo??

      G5           A5             Bb5      D5
      The only thing is clear to me, is your smiling face
      G5      A5             G5       D5      A5                   
      Never??Never???..      Gonna find you?..      Gonna find  you      
      Never  gonna find you
      G5       D5      A5      B5
                        Never Gonna Find you

      G5      D5      A5      D5      
      Fade out till end
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