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Easy song, the chords throughout are simply:

D5 - E5 - B5 - G5

The first minute of the song has some heavy synth. If you've got 
an eBow or some similar sustain pedal/reverb, you can play on:

    D5   E5   B5   G5
e | -------------------- | 
B | -------------------- | 
G | -------------------- | 
D | -14~--16~--11~--9~~- | 
A | -------------------- | 
E | -------------------- | 

The rhythm is a slight bit "weird," so I tried to show the chords over
the appropriate parts of the verses. Just listen to the progression to 
find the exact timing...

D5    E5    B5      G5              D5
           I'm the king of my own land,

D5             E5          B5         G5               D5
       Facing tempests of dust, I'll fight until the end,

D5                             E5           B5            G5      D5
       Creatures of my dreams raise up and dance with me!

D5       E5    B5            G5       D5
Now and forever... I'm your kiiiiiiing!

D5 - E5 - B5 - G5 (etc...)
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