• Song:

    I Got Nobody Waiting For Me

  • Artist:

    M Craft

  • Album:

    Silver & Fire

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Capo 2

So the song is cool in that it doesn't really have a chorus or verses, but it 
does have two distinct sets of chords. More or less, it goes like this:

set one:
Am Dm F G
Am F Dm G
C Am Dm G
Am Dm E ( E )

set two:
Dm G Am ( Am )
Dm ( Dm ) E ( E )

With the lyrics, it goes like this:
Set 1 (x2)
"I've got nobody waiting for me
there's no one that I have to see..."
"I'll chase my tail till I fall in a heap..."

Set 2
"I'll stay out until the sun makes a play..."

Set 1 (x3)
"Cause I've got no one to weigh on my mind..."
"All that money grows out on the trees..."
"And all those wages we make for our sins..."

Set 2
"I'll live on the taste of the air..."

Set 1
"But I've got nobody left to impress..."
(and repeat set 1 until the end)
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