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Tabbed By: Paige Byrd

   |         |          |          | 
e----------------------------- | 
B----------------------------- | 
G----------------------------- |      x2
D----------------------------- | 
A----------------------------- | 
E----------------------------- | 
  D5       D5        G5        A5

                 G5          A5     D5
Youre like a      ro-ro-rollercoaster
          G5      A5     D5
Youve got heavy metal  wings
          G5      A5     D5       D5
You could make a dead man scream
          G5      A5        D5
Your like a ro-ro-rollercoaster

D5                          A5          D5
Rollercoaster we was the best at times
             G5            A5              D5
Rollercoaster we was the worst of times too
             G5            A5
Because you lift me up so high high high
             B5     A5      G5    G5
Its the most unbelievable ride

Repeat the other chrous and verse with the words and thats pretty much it.
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