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I feel like I am missing something in the verses but couldn't quite 
put my finger on it. Will keep poking at this one till it sounds right! 
A5                        D5 
Girl you're getting that look in your eyes 
D5                      A5    A5 A5 A5 
And it's starting to worry me 
A5                    D5 
I ain't ready for no family ties 
D5          A5        
Nobody's gonna hurry me 
F#5                             B5 
Just keep it friendly girl cos' I don't wanna leave 
D5                                             E5 
Don't start clinging to me, girl cos' I can't breath 

A5                    B5 
Baby, baby don't get hooked on me 
E5                    A5 
Baby, baby don't get hooked on me 
A5                           B5 
Cos' I'll just use you then I'll set you free  
E5                    D5          
Baby, baby don't get hooked on me  
Girl you're a hot blooded woman child 
And it's warm where you're touching me 
And i can tell by your trembling smile 
Your seeing way to much in me 
Girl don't let your life get tangled up with mine 
I'll just leave you I can't take no clinging vine
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