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F#5                                   Bb5
Layin' awake again and I don't know what's happening
I'm setting sail on unknown seas
           G#5              C#5             B5  
and I'm haunted by insecurities, oh no
I'm standing on the edge of dream
Colliding with the light of this real life scene
F#5                                          Bb5
And I don't feel a thing until the pain comes
And when it's all said and done would I just cut and run
Sometimes I'm so numb I don't know
If it happened tonight would I stand and fight
G#5                  C#5
or would I just let go

F#5                                           Bb5
Whatcha gonna do when it's on you boy
G#5                                 C#5         B5
Whatcha gonna say when it's no no more
F#5                                                         Bb5
Whatcha really gonna do when it's all through boy
G#5                                   C#5    B5   F#5
Whatcha gonna say when it's over now

F#5       G#5       Bb5

Maybe it's the time of the year
but I don't feel my soul shine
F#5                                                      Bb5
Locked up inside and floating on the cheap wine
But there's a smell in the air

and I swear something's there
Blowing in on a California night
So if it's all gone and I can't go on
       G#5                                    C#5
Well I'm sure as hell not ready to die

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