• Song:

    Papa Was A Rodeo

  • Artist:

    Magnetic Fields

  • Album:

    69 Love Songs

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Magnetic Fields
Papa Was a Rodeo
69 Love Songs

This is as close as I can get. If you find this helpful, I'd appreciate your vote. 
Thank you so much, and enjoy! Stephin Merritt is a GENIUS!


G           G/F#             Em7         D
I like your twisted point of view, Mike  
C           C/B              Am7    D
I like your questioning eyebrows 
G              G/F#              Em7       D
You've made it pretty clear what you like 
C         C/B              Am7    D
It's only fair to tell you now  


Em           Em7          C       C/B
that I leave early in the morning 
A7                         D   Dsus  D
and I won't be back till next year  
Em         Em7            C      C/B
I see that kiss-me pucker forming  
A7                                  D     Dsus   D
but maybe you should plug it with a beer, cause 


G          G/F#    Em7                      D          
Papa was a rodeo - Mama was a rock'n'roll band                
        G               G/F#         C                    D            
I could play guitar and rope a steer before I learned to stand  
G                      G/F#         C                     G
Home was anywhere with diesel gas - Love was a trucker's hand  
G                  G/F#              C         C/B      
Never stuck around long enough for a one night stand 
A7                            G
Before you kiss me you should know 
C    D         G
Papa was a rodeo 


G | G/F# | Em7 | D | C | C/B | D- Dsus - D | 


The light reflecting off the mirror ball 
looks like a thousand swirling eyes 
They make me think I shouldn't be here at all 
You know, every minute someone dies 


What are we doing in this dive bar 
How can you live in a place like this 
Why don't you just get into my car 
and I'll take you away I'll take that kiss now, but 




And now it's 55 years later 
We've had the romance of the century 
After all these years wrestling gators 
I still feel like crying when I think of what you said to me 


 C    D         G  G/F#
?Papa was a rodeo 


Em7       D               C         D     G
What a coincidence, your Papa was a rodeo too.
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