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Artist: Make Do and Mend
Song: Home Away From Here (Touche Amore cover)
Album: Part and Parcel


Bm              A
e|---|          e|-0-|
B|-3-|          B|-2-|
G|-4-|          G|-2-|
D|-4-|          D|-2-|
A|-2-|          A|-0-|
E|---|          E|---|

Gm              E
e|---|          e|---|
B|---|          B|---|
G|---|          G|-1-|
D|-5-|          D|-2-|
A|-5-|          A|-2-|
E|-3-|          E|-0-|

Bm -> A X2

                 Bm                     A
I?ve come to terms that I?m not concerned
                  Bm                A
With planting my feet and moving onward
Bm             A                    Bm
I?m growing older but I can?t get over
                Gm                                  E
The need for colder skin when I know that home is warmer
It?s just I?ve got this problem
Where I want to be everywhere I?m not
Gm        E
But I?m thankful for what I?ve got

Bm                                  A
A room in a house where my bed may stay
                            Bm                         A
But the feel of another?s sheets help keep my demons away
              Bm                      A
It?s become clear that what keeps me here
                   Bm                   A
Is the sense of failure and other nightmares

Bm              A                       
I?ve become jaded and I can?t escape it
Bm              Gm                                  E
The thought of settling when I know it?s what I've hated
It?s just I have this problem
Where I want to be everywhere I?m not
Gm                                      E
It?s just I know myself, and I will sacrifice everything I?ve got

Gm -> E x2

Pick the chords in this part:
And I can?t afford to eat 
As much as I would like to be
And these bills won?t pay themselves 
So I?ll come up with another scheme
Bm                                A
This place looks better from a passenger window

Or stared at from up above
When you?re searching for brightness
You lose concern for the damage done

G E    Bm      A
It?s not my fault
G E   Bm     A
I?ll try to call
G    E                  G
No ties, no roots, I?m fine
    E                   G
No ties, no roots, I?m fine
No ties, no roots, I?m fine

End on E Chord.
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