Intro: Am, F, C, G

Am         F      C           G
You go your way and I'll go mine
Am          F         C             G
I'll try to meet you in a better life
Am             F     C         G
We should meet up at the end of time
Am                    F    C          G
Get a beer and a cigarette for Auld Lang Syne

Am              F     C           G
Was it just a dream? All those people (None of this is real)
Am              F      C           G
A kingdom for a fool animals on a wheel
Am             F      C               G
I'm a king in my head a cripple in the world
Am              F      C                G
How do I wrap this up and give it to that girl?

Am           F  C                      G
My gift to you, I'm gonna be a better person
Am         F             
I stare at you with a vague and immense longing
Am                F     C            G
Try to save yourself while you're still alive
                    C                  G  
Don't deny yourself of your right to thrive
Am        F       C           
Solemn Thirsty, born on Thursday, got pished Saturday, fucked up Sunday
Am            F      C         G
Took ill Wednesday, died on Thursday
Am             F      C               G
There's no better man than Solemn Thirsty
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