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I was looking for the chords of this song, and stumbled upon them here in the site... 
well, the chords i found were not in the key of the song i had... So i made a little 
and found the correct version... All by myself... :)
Well its pretty easy:


F | F | A# | F
F | F | F | F

Verse (and the whole song actually):

F | F | A# | F
F | C7 | F | C7
F | F | A# | F
F | C7 | F | F

The tab that i found on this sire is correct with the timing and everything, and the guy 
did a great job putting the lyrics there, so if you wanna use my chords on his tab, the 
that should be made are as follows:
The intro should be played like I wrote.
The verse chords:
Old Chords | New Chords
     C     |      F
     F     |      A#
     G7    |      C7

Thats basically it...

If you have any questions, or suggestions, please e-mail me at: kobi_rosh@hotmail.com

And watch Weeds, its a brilliant show!!! :)
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