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    The Open Door

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The Open Door   Manran    Capo 5th

Intro  C (x32010@1)  G (320003@1) DG  C (x32010@1) C (x32010@1)  G (320003@1) DG  C (x32010@1)C (x32010@1)                           GWell (320003@1)it's fare thee well, my true love
       D (xx0232@1)         CThe (x32010@1)song is in the air
C (x32010@1)               EmI (022000@1)hear the West a calling
D (xx0232@1)               CSee (x32010@1)what's for me there

C (x32010@1)              GWith (320003@1)the sun I'm leavin'
D (xx0232@1)              CIll (x32010@1)be Montana bound
C (x32010@1)             EmAint (022000@1)no use in grievin'
D (xx0232@1)                     CIll (x32010@1)show you what I've found
C (x32010@1)      D (xx0232@1)       GShow (320003@1)you what I've found.

C (x32010@1)                GYeah, (320003@1)some folks have it easy
     D (xx0232@1)               CAt (x32010@1)least that's how it seems
C (x32010@1)                  GReach (320003@1)up and pick an apple
D (xx0232@1)                 CReach (x32010@1)up and find a dream

C (x32010@1)                EmSome (022000@1)travel in the darkness
D (xx0232@1)               CAnd (x32010@1)rest upon the shade
C (x32010@1)                     EmSome (022000@1)wrestle with their demons
D (xx0232@1)           CAnd (x32010@1)face them unafraid

C (x32010@1)                     GWe (320003@1)argue for our better selves
D (xx0232@1)             CWe (x32010@1)only ask for more
C (x32010@1)                         EmWe (022000@1)take the mirror from the shelf
D (xx0232@1)               CAnd (x32010@1)find the open door

C (x32010@1)      D (xx0232@1)  GFind (320003@1)the open door.

Instrumental        C (x32010@1)name="chord_320003@1">G  D (xx0232@1)name="chord_x32010@1">C     G (320003@1)D (xx0232@1)C (x32010@1)CDEm  D (xx0232@1)  C (x32010@1)   G (320003@1)D (xx0232@1)C (x32010@1)each cord once
C (x32010@1)               G (320003@1)             
I love you with a fever
D (xx0232@1)               CI (x32010@1)love you with a past
C (x32010@1)           GMy (320003@1)heart is a keeper
D (xx0232@1)                CAs (x32010@1)long as it will last
Full strum
     C (x32010@1)   D (xx0232@1)     EmAs (022000@1)long as it will last
D (xx0232@1)                  CI'll (x32010@1)tell you what I know
C (x32010@1)               Em (022000@1)             EmWe (022000@1)walk this road together
         D (xx0232@1)             CAnd (x32010@1)we walk this ro ad alone

Instrumental                 C (x32010@1)G (320003@1)D (xx0232@1)C (x32010@1)  G (320003@1)D (xx0232@1)C (x32010@1)CDEm  D (xx0232@1) C (x32010@1)   Em (022000@1)  D (xx0232@1) C/G (3x555x@1)end

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