• Song:

    Come And Be

  • Artist:

    Matt Brouwer

  • Album:


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Verse 1: 
E5      B5 
Come and be 
A5        A5 
Wash over me 
E5      B5            A5      A5 
I open my heart to You alone 
E5        B5 
When I am weak 
A5            A5 
You meet my need 
E5         B5                   A5            B5 
Finish the work You've started here 
A5            B5 
And I lift my life to You now 
C#5            B5            A5 
I raise my voice to sing your praise 
I will follow Your command 
E5   C#5   B5   A5   E5   C#5   B5   (2x)  
Verse 2: 
Find me here 
Calm my fear 
Strengthening hope inside my heart 
Teach me Lord 
To know Your word 
Let it be alive in me 
Alive in me
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