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G5 F5 A#5 

you gave me your word 

then you took your word back 

once I had faith now all I is seeing black 
F5             G5 
black,  seeing black 
I gave you up rather then givin' in 

Once there was virtue it's fallen to sin 

black,  seeing black 

C5                      D5             F5 
gave me you word, then flew like a bird 
never looking back 
B5       C5  *         G5 
you can run, can try 
B5            C5  *              G5     F5    G5 
but you wont get away this time,  aaah aaah 

you played me for a fool 

in you heart you had to seek 

made you up inside my mind 

finally you are me 

you had to turn black 

turning black 
I never could have seen how you shoot that 44 

you hit me right below the shoulder I felt to the floor 

I'm on my back, on my back 

C5                          D5           F5 
you shot me with you gun, run run run run 
never looking back 

B5       C5  *               G5         
you can run in too the street 
B5         C5  *                G5      F5      G5 
my eyes track you as you leave, leeeeee  eaavee 
B5          C5  *             G5 
And if you run into the woods 
B5            C5  *                G5 
ill chop you down just like a tree 
(Hold the G5 ) 

I roll in to town  

from my years spending my sleep  

the word the people held  

is that your price is cheap 

your price is cheap, price is cheap 

the house with the red light on and the fancy decor 

you build your new life hastely now i find you poor 

I find you poor, I find you poor 

C5                          D5                 F5 
the sheriff find you out There is garenty no doubt 
you aint coming back  

B5             C5  *                  G5 
we watch you catch your rail roadcar 
B5           C5  *             G5   F5     G5 
that didnt get you very far, aaaah aaaah  
B5               C5  *              G5 
and when you finnaly mett your match,  
B5              C5  *                  G5 
we watched you kiss the railroad tracks 

F5            G5 
black seeing black  
black seeing black 
black seeing black 
black seeing black
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