• Song:

    As The Deer

  • Artist:

    Matt Gilman

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Key: G5
Words by Matt Gilman, Jordan Sarmiento
Music by Matt Gilman, Jordan Sarmiento, Seth Yates, James Wells, James David Whitworth

E5            C5                       G5           D5 - D5
My soul longs and even faints for the courts of the Lord
E5            C5                G5           D5 - D5
Lord, my heart and my flesh cry out for You, O God
E5            C5                G5              D5 - D5
You?re my sun and my shield, You give grace and glory
E5            C5                      G5                   D5
No good thing will You withhold from those who seek Your face

C5            E5    D5           G5    C5
Just as the deer pants for the water brook
            E5        D5
So pants my soul for You, O God
E5                            G5                       B5      
I set my heart on a pilgrimage, through the valley of weeping I will go
I set my heart on a pilgrimage
    D5             B5
Until I appear before God in Zion
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