• Song:

    Longing For The New Jerusalem

  • Artist:

    Matt Gilman

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G    Am    Em    C

Verse 1:
G                         C                                       G
I'm looking for a city, not made by human hands
I'm longing for the garden when God once walked with Man
       C                                    Em
For eternity is written on my heart
                                 C                           D         
He is longing for the day when we will never be apart

Verse 2:
And I looked and saw a city, descending down from heaven
Prepared just like a bride, for the Son of Man
There is a day of gladness, its written on His heart
He is longing for the day when we will never be apart

Pre Chorus:
         Em                         C
Every tear will be wiped away, there'll be no
             G/B      Am                                         
D         Eb?                       Em
sorrow, hurt or pain and there'll be no more night. All things will be made new
                                   C                           G/B     
It will be a brand new day and in righteousness You?ll reign
                                  D       ( Eb? )
The Lamb will be the light

   G                                 D/F#                    C
Behold the tabernacle of God will be with Man
Em                   G           C                      D
He will be our God and we will be His people
G                                    C
And the bride; she will marry the Lamb
      G/B         Am             C                  
D             G
But until that day, I'm longing for the new Jerusalem

I love the day of your appearing
I want to haste in your return;
The Spirit and the bride say
come for your beloved ones
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