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Capo 2

G5  G5  C5

G5       G5               C5
In the cool of the day
G5     G5            C5
You come and meet me
G5        G5               C5
All the blue fades away
A5                D5
The stars are winking
C5                        G5
Your love's so strong
C5            G5
I can't recall
C5               D5    E5
What was this thing
         C5                 D5
They called the fall?
G5              G5           C5
And You walk with me
G5     G5         C5
You ne--ver leave
G5           G5             C5                          Intro
You're making my heart a garden
G5    G5                C5
Oh, why would I hide

G5   G5                 C5
Away from Your face
G5            G5                    C5
When the light of Your love
A5   D5
C5                      G5
Your hand in mine
C5            G5
A steady line
C5                D5    E5
Drawn on my heart
         C5                  D5
And deep in my mind


C5                               G5
All the broken are mending
C5                       G5
The mournful rejoicing
C5    D5                   E5   
Seeing through tears
A5                  D5
Of peace overflowing

Chorus (2x)
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