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    D2     G/B   D/F#          G                D2      A2
I stand in awe   you,    and everything youve done for me
     G          A2   D/F#      G
You speak your words into my life
     G                A2             D2
and where you are is where I want to be

I stand before you Lord, humbled by the love you give away
a widows mite, my will and pride, its all I have to offer anyway

CHORUS                                                     D2 (2nd)
    G   A2     D/F#         D2       G   A2     D/F#       Bm (1st & 3rd) 
Im holding     on to your love  Im letting     go of myself
           A2                   D2    G/B    D/F#     D2   G/B  D/F#
I say so long    to everything else

CHORUS Tag first line twice, then finish Chorus

TURN  Bm   G    A2 (x4)

               Bm   G         A2                 Bm    G         A2
I just want to be   in your arms, I just want to be    in your arms
              Bm   G         A2             Bm  G  A2
Moving ever closer to your heart, to your heart
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