• Song:

    The Ballad Of The Q4

  • Artist:

    Matt Mcginn

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A5                E5              C5
The Mary and the Lizzie they were made right here
           A5             E5       A5
But you'll never see the likes of them I fear
A5                E5        C5
They were the finest on the silver sea
           A5          E5       A5
They were built by the hands of men like me

Thank you, Dad, for all your skill
But the Clyde is a river that'll no stand still
You did gey well, but we'll do more
Make way for the finest of them all, Q4

We have an order we'll fulfil
With a touch o' the master and a bit more skill
Now the backroom boys are under way
And the pens will be rolling till the launching day

There's Tam O'Hara with his burning gear
The plumber and the plater and the engineer
There's young Willie Wylie with his welding rod
They're waiting at the ready for the backroom nod

We'll burn and cut and shape and bend
We'll be welding and riveting and in the end
When the painter's dabbed his final coat
We'll be launching the finest ever ship afloat

We've worked and sweated and toiled and now
See the expert's hand from stern to bow
She's ready for the torments o' the sea
She's a credit to the Clyde and me
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