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Capo 2

Verse 1:
   E        B      C#m A
To give unselfishly
   E           B         C#m A
to love the least of these
            E        B         C#m       A    E B C#m A
Jesus I'm learning how to live with open hands

Verse 2:
All these treasures that I own
will never satisfy my soul
Jesus I lay them at your throne with open hands

          E             B
I lift my hands open wide
         C#m          E/G#
let the whole world see
          A                E             C#m   B
how you love, how you died, how you set me free
         A           E       B   C#m     A     E           B      E B C#m A
free at last, I surrender all I am with open hands, with open hands

Verse 3:
To finally let go of my plans
these earthly kingdoms built of sand
Jesus at your cross I stand with open hands

F#m                 E/G# A
You took the nails, You  bore the crown
B   C#m                     B
You hung your head, Your love poured out
F#m                E/G# A
You took my place, You  paid the price
B  C#m                 B
so Jesus now I will give my life
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