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Intro: Em , D/F# , G , C , Em , D/F# , G

              C        D
You broke the curse of sin
         Em            D/F#
You were slain Lamb of God
           C             D          
No greater love has ever been

     C           D
Crucified at the hands
   Em          D/F#
of sinners you were
         C    D            G , Am , G/B , D
Risen to life on the third day 
G                C
Unto the One who sits on the throne
Em       C              D
Unto the Lamb who was slain
       Em                  D/F# 
Be all blessing and honor, glory and 
    Am     G/B    C
And praise forever
Am     Em     D
Christ is the Lord
C      D         G , D/F# , G , C , Em , D/F# , G
Worthy forevermore

Victorious One, Great Healer

You are worthy, Jesus worthy

There is no end to Your majesty

Lamb of God, You bought with Your blood

Men from every tribe and tongue

Lion of Judah, You have overcome

Am     G/B    C       F
Worthy is the Lamb of God
    F      C       Bb
Who takes away the sins of the world 3x
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