• Song:

    The Hammock Song

  • Artist:

    Matt Powell

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OBS: I think he tunes down to a different key because I can?t get the 
EXACT sound (open strings) but these chords will allow you to play 
Along with the mp3. 
I met a good friend a long time ago 
I could make it to the cooler shade 
But I ended up burying myself alive 
To prove that I could use a spade 
I could be the next, I could be the first 
A few people even know my name 
I'm a big league hitter with a hell of a glove 
         D                   A 
But they never put me in the game 
Refr?o -------------
    G  A               Bm  
But I-I-I'm gonna be alright 
   G       A      D  
If I leave here tonight
And I told a good friend a long time ago 

I was gonna make it to the Hall of Fame 

But she left me for a Hollywood movie star 

She liked the way he spelled his name 

I could be the best, I could be the worst 

But I'm gonna tell you one thing's for sure 

To those who fight for a life that's a special flavor 

the shelter can never know 
Bm               G 
Mmmmmmmmmm , oohhhooohhh 
Bm                                        G 
I try to find a little humor everywhere I go 
Bm          G    
Mmmmmmmmmm , hey-hey 
E7                                             A 
A little humor is the only thing that keeps me sane 
Oh and I begged my poor mom a long time ago 

Not to hate me for the choice I made 

And a minute in the sun's no price to pay 

For a second in the cooler shade 

I could be the one but I'm on the run 

So don't come a knockin' on my door 

I'll be swingin in a hammock strung 'tween the trees 

Well I did it and I told you so 
Closing Chorus: 
Bm             G 
I'm gonna be alright 
Bm             G 
I'm gonna be alright 
G  A               Bm 
I-I-I'm gonna be alright 
   G       A      D 
If I leave here tonight
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