• Song:

    This Means I Love You

  • Artist:

    Matt Redman

  • Album:

    Passion for Your Name

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E5            B5
This means I love You 
A5         E5
Singing this song 
Lord I Adon't have the words 
      A5           B5
But I do have the will 
    E5            B5
And this means I love You 
       A5       E5
That I take up my cross 
       A5         B5             E5
I will sing as I walk out this love 
C#5         B5           E5
Jesus, this life is for You 
C#5         B5            E5
Everything, Lord, that I do 
C#5            B5            A5             C#5
Deeds that are pleasing and ways that are pure 
F#5          B5              E5
Lord, may my life bear this fruit 
    C#5           B5           E5
For these are the plans of my heart 
    C#5                    E5
Yet often I'm Bmissing the mark 
C#5               A5            C#5
See my deBsire to live in your truth - 
F#5         B5            E5
This surely means I love you
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