• Song:

    Just Worship You

  • Artist:

    Matthew Campbell

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INTRO: Am  C  Em  D  Am  C  Em  D 

VERSE 1 (Psalm 98):  
        Am    C          Em         D 
Let the sea resound, and everything in it 
           Am         C           Em       D 
Oh yes the world rise up, and all who live in it 
               Am         C                    Em       D 
Let-the-rivers clap their hands, the mountains sing for joy 
         Am     C    Em  D 
Let them sing before the Lord? 

            Am  C 
Now how can I resist 
          Em    D 
The one a-who insists 
          Am     C 
On always loving me 
          Em    D 
And setti-n? me free  So? 
G      C     D 
God in all I do? 
Em       C      Em      D 
Break my heart? make it new 
G            C      D 
God please allow me to? 
     Em      C         Em      D 
Just worship You, Just worship You  

VERSE 2 (Psalm 85):  
         Am       C        Em     D 
Well let love and faith, a-meet together 
   Am       C                  Em       D 
As righteousness springs forth from the earth 
           Am        C      Em      D 
The Lord indeed will give a-what is good 
         Am        C     Em  D 
Yeah our land will yield its harvest? 
G  C  D  G  C  D  G
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