• Song:

    99 Of Us Is Failure

  • Artist:

    Matthew Good

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B5 F#5 G5 D5 A5

B5 F#5       G5   D5 A5
I know that its bad
  B5         F#5        G5          D5   A5
That its the kind that they can't opperate on

G5 F5      A5
I know its real slow honey
G5 F5 A5
Painful and real slow.

When we were young
And hit like hammers
D5                      A5
I'd write the nails in your hands
        E5     G5
But when 99% of us is failure
D5               A5
There's no going back.

G5                  C5 *
Blackbird come the break of dawn
    G5          C5 *
The TV's on, I turn it off
C5                 G5
Walk outside, get in the car
C5                     G5          C5 *
Stare at the wheel and fall apart.

Tabbed by Kat. Please
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