• Song:

    Morning After

  • Artist:

    Maureen Mcgovern

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A                            E
There is got to be a morning after 
F#m                            C#7
if we can hold on through the  night. 
E                             F#m
We have a chance to find  the sunshine 
D            G              E
Lets keep on lookin for the light. 
A                           E
Oh cant you see the morning after? 
F#m                            C#7
Its waiting right outside the  storm. 
E                            F#m
Why dont we cross the bridge together 
D          G                      E
And find a place that is safe and warm 
C                G
Its not too late we should giving 
C                     Dm7       G
Only with love can we climb ...}
E                B7
Its not too late not while we are living 
E                         F#7
Lets put our hands out in time. 
B                            F#7
There is got to be a morning after. 
F#m7                        Eb7
We are moving closer to the shore. 
F#                        G#m
Iknow we will be there by tomorrow 
and we will escape the darkness 
F#                       B
We  wont be searchin any more. 
         Repete refrao
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