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  • Artist:

    Michael W. Smith

  • Album:

    The Wonder Years (Disc ...

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|  G               GMaj7/F#        |  Em7             G/D          | 

 |  Am              Am/G            |  D7/F#           D7sus   D7   | 

Primeiro Estrofe:
G                    Bm/F#      Em
Packing up the dreams       God planted
Am                 Em/G    D/F#    D7sus
in the fertile soil     of you        
  G                 Bm/F#      Em
I can't believe the hopes He's granted means a
Am                  Em/G   D/F#
chaper in your life is     through  

                          F7M  F6    Esus   E
But, we'll keep you close           as always  
E/G#     Am               Cm2  Cm
It won't even seem you've gone     
           G             Bm/F#   Em
'Cause our hearts in the big and small ways 
     Am                 D/F#   D       C2/G    D/G   G   C/D   D
will keep the love that keeps       us strong.

    G                       D/F#
And friends are friends for-ever if the
C2/E       C/E           G/D  D         G                   D2/F#
Lord's the Lord of them.          And a friend will not say "never" 
D/F#       C2/E    C/E           Dsus  D
'cause the welcome will not end.         
            Bsus                B  B7/D#
Though it's hard to let you go,          in the
Esus           Em/D     C2    C         Am                 D7sus
Father's hands       we know     that a lifetime's not too long

to live as friends

Segundo Estrofe:

With the faith and love God's given
springing up the hope we know
We will pray the joy you'll live in
is the strength that now you show

Repete ponte

Repete Refr
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