• Song:

    Old Enough To Know

  • Artist:

    Michael W. Smith

  • Album:

    The Wonder Years (Disc ...

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G               C               D
In the passion your heart is abused
G              C                  D
He is pushing you, you have to choose
Am           G/B
Oh, rebecca, love is never
C        D
Easy anymore
Am           G/B
Oh, rebecca, so afraid of
C               D
Losing what is yours

G                D
Are you giving in to the pressure
C                 Em
Holding you again, now he tells you
What it takes to be in love
Em             C          D
He believes you're old enough
G                  D
But how you gonna feel tomorrow
When the day reveals
Em           F
What you believed was for the sake of love
Em                  C        D           G
Don't you think you're old enough to know

G                  C               D
You're a breed of few and far between
G            C                D
Holding on to your romantic dream
Am            G/B
Oh, rebecca, love is patient
C                D
Love would understand
Am             G/B
Oh, rebecca, your decision
C              D
Is your only chance


Am            G/B
Oh, rebecca don't confuse what love is
C                             D
With what some say love should be
Should be...
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