• Song:


  • Artist:

    Michael W. Smith

  • Album:

    The Second Decade

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Tom: C

Intro: F G Am Em F G Am Em 
F                        G 
You're wieghed down with regret 
Am                Em  
You can't see the road ahead 
F      G              Am    G     
Or the burden on your back 
F                      G     
It seems the trek will never end 
Am                     Em 
The winding paths that still descend 
F      G             Am     
And up above the sky washed black 
F        G                     F               
You just can't bear to look at that 
C                 Am G   
Follow the signs, open your eyes  
Read between the lines of what you see 
Look into the soul of reality 
C                           Am G 
Open your mind, look at the signs 
Never look back at yesterday 
Keep your gaze steady on the narrow way 
F G Am Em F G Am  
F                G 
Now you find the sacred tree  
Am                 Em 
You kneel upon the brken wheat 
F              G           Am  Em    
You watch your burden fall away 
F                        G 
And all the things which you once sought 
Am              Em   
Now are counted less than lost 
F          G        Am    
For now you see the light of day  
F              G                F       
The signs were pointing all the way 
REPEAT Chorus 

C               Am   G 
Open your eyes, look at the signs 
Dm              F  
Open your mind, follow the signs 
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