• Song:

    Take Me Over

  • Artist:

    Michael W. Smith

  • Album:


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Intro 2x: G5  E5  D5  G5

A5      E5           D5
Just to rest in your arms
        G5       G5         G5
Close enough to hear your heart
A5      E5             D5
Just to kneel at your feet
            G5          G5         G5
Where everything fades away I sing

G5            E5            D5
Jesus, Jesus take me over now
I surrender
G5            E5              D5     G5
Everything I have, I lay it down
All of me

A5           E5             D5
With just a glimpse of your face
        G5    G5    G5
All my fears melt away
A5     E5          D5
Lost within your embrace
            G5         G5     G5
I'm pouring out all my admiration

(Refr?o 2x)
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