• Song:

    Sweet Misery

  • Artist:

    Michelle Branch

  • Album:

    Broken Bracelet

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Tom: C

Intro:   C   G   Am   G
C            G
  I was lost   and you were found
Am                        G
   You seemed to stand on   solid ground
C            G
  I was weak   and you were strong
Am               G
   And me and my guitar we strummed along, oh
Acoustic lead riff:
    C            G            Am           G
F       C          G
  Sweet misery you cause me
F                 C          G
  That's what you called me
F       C          G
  Sweet misery you cause me
Repeat Intro
I was blind but oh, how you could see

You saw the beauty in everything, everything and me

I would cry and you would smile

You'd stay with me a little while
Repeat Chorus
C        G       F       C             G        Am    G
  And my heart I see, oh   what you're doing to me
C        G          F       C              G            Am   G
  And in my heart I see, oh   just how you wanted it to be
      C         G     Am     G
Sweet misery
F   C   F   C   G   (2x)
Repeat chorus
Repeat bridge
I was weak, and you were strong
And me and my guitar we strummed along
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