• Song:

    One Of The Boys

  • Artist:

    Michelle Poe

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I?ve got ripped up jeans and raw hide boots 
Stiletto heels and a thousands moods 
       G5                                       D5 
I?m at home in my pickup somebody's stretch limo 
In the southern sun I've been know to faint 
But don't underestimate my strength 
       D5                                G5  
If I'm backed in a corner I can hold my own 
     C5                         G5 
On a Sunday drive I'm a NASCAR race 
             C5                                       D5   
And when the sun goes down that's when I pick up the pace 

Refr?o -------------
       G5                C5          D5      
I like livin' it up and letting my hair down 
  G5              C5         D5  
A little tequila gets me unwound 
G5                   C5             D5     C5                    G5 
I like to party and make a lot of noise just like one of the boys
I need my space but I'm cool in a crowd 

I like listenin' to Mozart rockin' it out 

Just gimme a camp fire and I'll be the last to go home 

I love begin' in love but I just can't commit 

Like keepin' it simple but I must admit 

On the buckin' bronco of life even I have been thrown 

I love kittens and paintin' my toes 

But when the sun goes down what I like most 
C5         C5       A5        A5 
Sugar and spice and soft as a lamb 
C5         C5       A5        A5 
Snake and snails and tuff as a man 
    C5 C5  A5    D5 
And I like who I am 
There's a lot more to me than perfume and poise 
I'm just one of the boys
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