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Intro:  G  F  C  (x2)


G                               C        G
You see them sailor boys comin' down the line,
               Em                  G            C             G
They've got it right, they're only here boy for one hell of a time.
G                                    C      G
You've spent your whole life turnin' red to blue,
                  Em                G
Now what have you got, what can you show me,
       C          G
Brings any joy to you?


         Am                 C              D                Em
You keep runnin' , you keep runnin' you go run on down that line,
                 Am                   D                   Em
They'll all pair off, they'll fall in love and they'll do fine.


I seen you last night you fallin' round the town,
It ain't that hard to find some reason for you to hang around.
You hear that silver tongue, it's drippin' beads o' charm ,
You dread that fool, for when you meet him , he's gonna do you harm.


He'll do you harm but you keep runnin', you go run on down that line.
He'll be passin', he will pass, you let him by.


 G  F  C  G  F  C 


That loneliness it drove you round the bend,
You don't know why that had to happen, you only know it did.
You're dreamin' of her you're cravin' all her charms,
You can't but cry when you see her in that sailor's arms.


She kept runnin', she kept runnin', God she ran on down that line,
She messed around, she settled down, and she did fine.


Tell me a story, go on tell me about the pain,
Oh California, good on ya, you're sleepin' in the rain,
You sought that heartache to see how it felt,
You hapless fool, you couldn't help it, you did this to yourself,
you did this to yourself.


 G  F  C  (x2)

 G  F  C  (x2) - Slightly different tempo.

 C  C - B - A  G 

That's another one of Mick's classic songs done and dusted,
next i'll be doing either Ships in The Night or No Way To Live.

Thanks for looking at this tab.


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