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Solo "Don't tear me up"

                A5                     D5             A5             







                     D5              A5                 D5







            A5                         D5                     Life is..







5b(7)  play fret 5, bend up to 7

b(7)5  start with fret 5 bent to pitch of 7, then release bend

10~    fret 10 w/ vibrato

/7     slide up from nowhere to 7


Dieter Stoll                     work: Lennartz electronic GmbH 

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> From: rinaldo@sj.ate.slb.com (Bery Rinaldo)

Subject: CRD: Don't Tear Me Up - Mick Jagger

I just figured this one out last night and thought others might

be interested...corrections welcome.



Don't Tear Me Up  by Mick Jagger

(intro -- organ/hi-hat A-D-A-D)


A5                              D5

Life is rich, but it's way too short

                  B5                       D5

You make a lot of money, but you just want more

                 A5                      D5

I don't need the pain, right here in my heart

                 B5                        D5

But I hate every minute when we're so far apart

A5 - D5 - A5 - D5


It was love in a minute, it was love in a flash

It brings me no pleasure, just a stab in the back

It brings me no comfort, it brings me no peace

A weight on my shoulder, it's a fatal disease

(chorus 1)

   F#m   A       D   (power chords, then down)

So don't tear me up

B5                            D5

I don't ever want to see your picture again

   F#m   A         D      (power chords, then down)

And don't poison my blood

B5                            D5

I don't ever want to see your face anymore

A5 - D5 - A5 - D5 (piano aaaa)


Gonna finish it quick, gonna finish it clean

Don't wanna be bitter, I don't wanna be mean

I feel like we're driving down a dead end street

I've come so far I wanna crash the car, I wanna land right on my feet

(chorus 2)

I said don't tear me up

I don't ever want to see your picture again

I said don't tear me up

I don't ever want to see your face anymore


E5     D5            A5          B5                     D5

But I dream of you constantly, you'll be my angel of light

E5          D5             A5             B5                       D5

And in the dark rooms of sleeplessness, you'll be my lover each night...

[solo - A5 - D5 - A5 - D5 - A5 - D5 - A5 - D]

Life is a bitch, it's way too short

Unlike a politician it just can't be bought

Think about the tenderness, and think about the craziness

And if you ever wanna hate me come and stick a knife right in my chest

(repeat chorus 2)


I said don't tear me up

I said don't tear me up

So don't poison my blood

I don't ever want to see your picture again
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