• Song:

    When You Go

  • Artist:

    Mick Thomas

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When You Go - Mick Thomas


D 232000
Em7 330020
G 330023
A 022200
F#m 222442
A/G 022204
A/F# 022202
D/F# 032002

Verse 1
D          Em7
When you go, we'll burn your body
       G                                Em7      D
And a toxic cloud will rise above this town so dark
So what you got, you got no takers
               G                Em7                  D
Think I might take the dogs a walking down my local park

'Cause there'll always be a band to see
A book to read, a game to go to
  A                  A/G
Songs to write, and pools to swim
       A/F#              A               G   D/F#  Em7
And a dog that needs a ball to throw to
             D                    Em7
So don't go yet, cause we're not ready
             G                 Em7                   D
we're not finished with you darling by a long shot, no

Verse 2
And when you go, we'll all start drinking
Say it's what you would have wanted, say it's what you would expect
And late that night, we'll get to thinking
It's a mockery, a lottery, just who goes next

Verse 3
And when you're gone, and the tears are finished
Will this town be any different? Will this town be any less?
And will you memory, be diminished?
By the ones who follow after, who could try but never guess.
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