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Capo 3 
          D                         G 
Don't the girls all get prettier at closin' time 
           A7                           D           A7   
Don't they all begin to look like movie stars 
          D                         G 
Don't the girls all get prettier at closing time 
When the change starts takin' place, it put's a smile on every face  
Of the fallen angels of the back street bars 
D                                   G 
If I could rate 'em on a scale from 1 to 10 
    A7                                     D 
I'm lookin' for a 9 but 8 could work right in 
A few more drinks and I might even slip to 5 or even 4 
But when tomorrow mornin' comes and I wake up with a number 1 
I swear I'll never do it anymore 
I don't mean to criticize the girls at all 
'Cause I'm no Robert Redford even overhauled 
But we all got a picture in our minds a girl that looks just right 
Now ain't it funny, ain't it strange 
The way a man's opinions change 
When he starts to face that lonely night
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