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C5        F5                 Bb5         F5
Ah, when I was a boy I was wild I was lazy 
I was the shame of my dad 
         F5                             Bb5         F5
Yes, the women and the wine, they were drivin' me crazy 
          C5          F5
It was so good to be bad 

And I got a job runnin' cheap bootleg whiskey 
Down on the Arkansas line 
From Memphis to Pine Bluff in a hopped up ole Jimmy 
I had to be out of my mind 

      Bb5                          F5 
Well, you'll know the crop by the seeds that are sowed 
Do all your plantin' with care 
Bb5                         F5
Water and ground will make anything grow 
                    C5       F5 
But a weeds still a weed anywhere 

I met a girl in a bar down in Memphis 
She was the good lookin' kind 
She told me how she was drawn to the misfits 
Trouble was all I did find 

Verse 1 + Chorus
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