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Ab5                  C#5       Ab5  
Walk me through the blindin' snow, 
                  C#5        Ab5  
Take me where the sun won't go-o 
C5             F5    Ab5   
Shallow waters never flow 
C#5            Eb5      
Slowly to the sea 

Walk me through the dry hot sand, 
Steal my cup but fill my hand 
Leave me where the valley can 
Rock my soul back to sleep 

F5               C5               F5         C5
Where the mighty winds lie still, ever silence on the hill 
C#5             Ab5               C#5              Eb5          
Cradled by the mountain til the Father welcomes me 

And lay me down in the verdent green 
At the breast of the mother spring 
F5               C5         C#5             Eb5  
With a song that I can sing one that I can keep 
Let me sleep
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