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F5              C5              Bb5                  F5
Well at times I feel I need the rain, at times I need the sun
Bb5            F5              B5         C5         
Pleasure is a thread of pain when it is undone 
F5            C5          Bb5           F5
Moments of insanity are never like a chain 
Bb5               F5                C5                F5 
I only know that I'm not free the nights when I am sane 

F5                                Bb5           F5
And now lets have a party for my body full of wine 
                             G5             C5
Stand me in a corner, let me crawl into my mind 
F5                F5          Bb5             F5 
I found the only lady I will need when I'm awake 
                   D5               G5             F5
She has a heart of crystal, clearly one I will not break 
     D5   A5   Bb5   F5     D5          A5    Bb5      F5     
Oooh oooh oooh oooh oooh, oh oh oh  oh oh  oh oh

Do not be concerned my love when you see me cry 
Laughter does not choose to free the happiness inside 
Just as there may seem to be a smile thats out of place 
Only means there is a pain that hurts too much to face 

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