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A5               C#5          D5                       A5
Come lay down beside me love and close your troubled eyes
D5             C#5             B5       E5
Let me be the pillow for your sleepy head
A5                C#5         D5               A5
Till the morning comes wash away your cloudy skies
D5               C#5                 B5             E5
I'll be here to share your warm and loving bed

Let me be the shelter from this cold and angry world
A bridge that will not burn a tree that will not sway
A ship that rides the morning winds with all the sails unfurled 
Like one that will not take you where you cannot stay

E5         A5  C#5
Yes, we'll sail   
D5            A5
From all the clouds of gray 
D5                 C#5
All the rain that came today
D5          E5    A5
Sail away, sail away
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