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Intro: G  Em  Am  D7  (2X)

G                              Am
To the sad-eyed misinterpreted hung-up child of clay 
D7                                G
So the drunken poets pretty words didn't help you find your way 
Was it your mistake for thinkin' he was born before his time 
D7                                           G
Or was it his for thinkin' he might save you with his flimsy rhyme 

T Total Tommy took a toke of tea, black cats backin' up a big oak tree 
Tick tocks tickin' out a tune on time, last words lookin' for a line to rhyme 
D7                                                         G    Em  Am  D7  
Saw fishs swimmin' in the sea-saw-sea but me well I'm only lookin' 

I see so many with no place tonight their sleepy heads to lay 
With pen in hand I take a stand I got nothin' deep to say 
Some words are better left to whisper only to the wind 
Some men kill with bullets Lord others use a pen 

Sidewalks singin' of a troubled time, small talks marchin' to a nursery rhyme 
Day trippers trippin' on a mornin' high stop watch watchin' for a chance to die 
Bad dogs barkin' up an empty tree but me well I'm only cryin'
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