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G        G7    C       G
Over and over, so many times 
Em            A7     D        
We've started over again 
   G          G7          C             G
So careful to fit all the pieces back together 
              A7     D 
So carelessly thrown to the wind 

    G                                 G7 
And words only spoken in moments of anger 
      C                           G
But remembered long after they're said 
   C             D           G          C 
In time will destroy all and leave us forever 
 G           D         G 
Alone in our own empty beds 

When do we stop starting over 
We've started over before 
When do we stop slowly killin' one another 
With words and at times even more 

We must forgive and for all that has happened 
Forget what can keep us apart 
And start learning now how to trust one another 
And stop breaking each others hearts 
C              G
Stop starting over
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